Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three Day Old Curry

Wow, it's been a long(ish) time. How was your Thanksgiving? I'm already on my third night of Turkey curry.

It's interesting to me that my mother won't go out for Indian food, but she has few qualms about turning the majority of a 22-pound turkey into curry and leaving it in her single daughter's fridge. Between this and the stuffing, mashed potatoes and an excess of condiments, I'm in the no food/no space for new food version of rock/hard place.

What else is new? Yesterday I went sailing on the Bay with my Uncle Bob. For as long as I can remember he's had a sail boat in the Bay. When I was a kid he used to let me steer the boat. Yesterday he again let/made me take the wheel. Somehow it was much, much scarier than when I was a child. The whole way out to Alcatraz I was convinced that I was going to flip the boat, though he swore it wasn't possible. On the way back the wind wasn't in our favor and we mostly stayed in place or sailed backward. We picked up my father on the pier near our apartment and he and my uncle tied all the important knots and raised and lowered the sail. My father has always known how to do all kinds of handy things like sail a boat, and fiberglass a sink, and fly fish... Somehow I assumed that I, or at least my brothers, would eventually know how to do all these things. Just as I figured that I would eventually know how to cook meat and grow vegetables, like my mother, despite vegetarianism and urban-dwelling in my formative years. I guess osmosis doesn't work that way.

Wow, that paragraph was all over the map.

What else? I'm still waiting to hear about the dream job. I interviewed a few weeks ago, but haven't heard anything. In this instance I don't think that no news is good news. In any case, I'm honored to have interviewed for something I'm super under-qualified (but passionate) about.

I spent the majority of the morning daydreaming about receiving a billion frequent flyer miles for Christmas and backpacking through Southeast Asia. I even made a dream itinerary and budget. My younger brother is going on his way to Australia and I've decided that we should travel together for a few weeks. When I told him about my scheme to drive cross-country with him he claimed there isn't enough room in his car. He'll have to come up with a new excuse now!


  1. Thanks! The new part-time, contract job is working with the refugee foster youth which is enough to keep my soul feeling good, but not enough to qualify for health insurance. Hopefully this dream gig could cover both of those bases.