Monday, November 23, 2009

Why Don't I Do This All The Time?

This photo doesn't directly relate to this post. It's a photo I took in China while on a giant tour bus on the way to an orphanage. There had been some mix-up when a tour guide had arranged our plans. Our large group had split into two and I was only traveling with two families while 17 others went to a different region of China. On our way to the orphanage we came across this market which was set up in the middle of the street. All of the sudden we were on this giant bus trying to make a three point turn in a middle of a market. I remember having this fleeting moment wondering if this farmer's market meant we weren't going to be able to adopt these children. It was a strange thought, on a strange bus with only four other passengers.

Yesterday I went to dim sum. Supposedly some of the best dim sum in San Francisco. Or so says Yelp, and SF Magazine and all the other electronic sources that I consult before making brunch plans. Or dinner plans. Or anytime I leave the house. It also happens to be a few blocks from "my" apartment. Anyway, after an early morning trip across town to play with some visiting cousin babies, my mom and I went out for dim sum.

We ate steaming plates of dumplings, spicy green beans with dried shrimp (which I'm just now getting okay with admitting I like), Peking duck and sesame balls. My mom listened while I reminisced about traveling in China, and then about going out for Dim Sum in New York, and then about my friend who works on a China adoption program, and then about a walking tour through Chinatown...

After lunch I came home and laid on the couch for hours and looked at apartments I can't afford on Craigslist. Sometime in the afternoon I ended up g-chating with my best cousin friend. She told me that she spent the morning at the gym and officially "broke the seal" and that from here on out it should be easier to convince herself to go to the gym all winter. I told her I felt the same way when I went to the gym. And the same way about dim sum.

My Superego wants me to eat more dumplings and workout more regularly.

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