Friday, November 6, 2009

Life as a Troll or Turn Back on the City

I live under the Bay Bridge. Not like under the overpass. More of a crazy apartment that I live in by my lonesome. It's short-lived and it belongs to my parents and even if I don't technically live with them, I live in their space and it's a big adjustment after being on my own for almost 10 years. That aside, I'm insanely lucky and pretty sure it's the only time in my life I'll live right on the waterfront in a major city- funny how my fancy living space and unemployment are colliding.

My temporary swanky pad is right underneath Bay Bridge, which happens to be falling apart. In the two months I've been here there have been major closures of the bridge twice. First they closed the bridge for a long-planed "remodeling" project and while it was closed they discovered a structural problem that kept the bridge closed on several occasions over the past month.

I don't have a car and I rarely have a reason to go to the East Bay- so it makes no difference to me whether or not the bridge is opened or closed. The only difference is that it feels like someone turned off the city when the bridge is closed. As I'm right up against the water's edge and most of the surrounding buildings are large, sterile skyscrapers, the only city noise is the bridge. When the bridge is closed I could just about anywhere, though the round windows facing the water make me think that I might be on a cruise ship.

Speaking of cruise ships (did I really just use that transition?), they occasionally tie ships to the pier across the street. The pier is mostly used as a parking lot but every few weeks it turns into a loading dock for cruise ships. Or the circus sets up. Or the founder of Gap dies and they spend all week setting up the fanciest tent I've ever seen for his memorial service (but cheaped out the port-a-potties- seriously?) Anyway, when they bring it cruise ships it is almost silent. I live on the eighth floor and when I look out in the building it looks as if they parked a building across the street. It is also the same when the boats leave. Two different times I've been sitting in the living room and not noticed the building across the street floating away.

A few weeks ago was Fleet Week and a huge Navy boat tied up to the pier across the street. I've never been someone who falls for a man in a uniform. That cliche has never worked for me, but there are plenty of others I'm into. However, the idea of wandering around the port and swooning over men in white who have been out to sea for unknown lengths does sound romantic. And I want to go to one of those dances and wear a tailored suit with a pillbox hat. And then possibly out for eggmalts afterwards with Flo and the girls. Right... Anyway, I took my usual passive and unsuccessful approach to dating and watched Fleet Week from my balcony.

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