Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Progress or Something Like It

I've decided to dive right into my 30-before-30 list and have actually made significant efforts towards some of my goals:

Sew a wearable dress
I ordered a book called Sew U, a book by the good folks at Built By Wendy. Just now in writing this, I realized that the book doesn't actually include a dress pattern. Guess I'll be making a shirt, skirt and pants. Good thing I gave myself almost three years. I'm also contemplating taking a Sewing 101 class at a new place in SF called the Workshop. They teach all kinds of classes, like Mixology and Silk Screening. The class I really want to take is called "Rock and Roll Sewing for Dudes".

Find the "right" shade of red lipstick
Last weekend my cousin Stephanie convinced me to come shopping with her, despite my vow to give the retail world a rest for a few months. I agreed to go on the condition that we would go to Sephora so I could work on one of my goals. In retrospect, my lipstick searching approach was entirely wrong. I asked a sales lady for help choosing a shade and had her put it on me. One of the reasons this goal was on my list in the first place is that I never wear lipstick at all. It all just makes me look like a clown with huge lips, and nothing ever looks red on me, it all turns into an orangey pink. After she drew on some fish lips, I had a hard time telling whether or not I hated the color itsef or just my giant lips. I complained that they looked big, to which she responded "that's the point." It appears the point of lipstick is lost on me. But I was determined to complete at least one goal. So I picked out a "red" lipstick and brought it home- only to later realize that it was pink and my lips were just stained red from all the lipstick trying on. My lipstick/goal fail was further reinforced when I went over to Stephanie's that evening and she showed me all of her red-red lipsticks. Guess I'm still searching.

Get certified as an HIV Counselor
So, unlike grad school, you actually have to have a guarantee that you will use your training in order to be certified as an HIV counselor in San Francisco. In order to register for classes you have to have a sponsoring organization. I did some research and called the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic to look into volunteering for them. It turns out that you have to start answering phones and scheduling appointments, and if a space opens of in their HIV unit in a few months you can move into being trained for it. While I recognize the importance of having people working at all levels, I really was hoping for something that would call on my social work skill set a little more directly. I'm still thinking about it, but also looking for other volunteer work.

Go on a road trip through "The South"
My younger brother has been living and working in Mobile, Alabama for the past year. It's been far from ideal for him and now he's (happily) being transferred much further south to Melbourne, Australia- the perfect place for a guy whose major interests are beer, rugby and surfing. Somehow between now and the beginning of 2010 his car needs to get to California, and I am trying to be the person who helps make that possible! I haven't announced this plan to my brother, yet. Announcing it on my blog seemed like the logical place to start.

So, in summary, nothing's crossed off the list yet but I'm taking baby steps towards some of these things.

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