Thursday, November 12, 2009

Television for the Restless

I'm generally happiest when living out of my backpack. Even though one of my goals in moving to San Francisco was to finally get to a place in my life where all of my furniture does not need to collapse for easy moving, I'm not entirely ready to give up my nomadic ways. These days my passport isn't getting much action, but I'm still able to live vicariously through two of my new favorite shows. (Newsflash: I watch TV now.)

::Man Shops Globe::

If, for some reason, the whole International Child Welfare Superhero thing doesn't work out, I want this guy's job. Man Shops Globe is about Keith Johnson, the head buyer for the home department of Anthropologie. It follows him as he travels the globe in search of the most interesting furniture, art and other home-related goodies. He goes everywhere from attic art galleries in rural France to large touristy sukhs in Tunisia.

Dream job, right? As someone who considers her "happy place" to be Kaneshi Market in Accra, Ghana, I think I'm cut out for this gig. Just imagine how big my basket collection would get!

::This Is My City::

Thomas is my tallest friend. Thomas is awesome for lots of different reasons- he always brings the best snacks when he comes over, he is willing to try anything and he loves to travel as much as I do. Once Thomas and I went on an self-guided audiotour of Chinatown and it's still one of my craziest NYC memories. We spied on mob bosses, followed tiny winding allies that lead to huge shopping malls, went to a Buddhist temple, stopped for tea at a hidden teahouse, and watched tai chi in the park. Despite the fact that he thinks there are only five continents, I get the feeling that Thomas would be a great travel partner.

Thomas is capitalizing on his lovable traits (well, not sure about the snack thing) and making a TV show with his friend Tim. They have one rule: don't say "no" to anything. They're traveling around the world and stopping in various cities along the way. In each city they find a guide through a friend-of-a-friend (of-a-friend-of-a-friend...) to show them their city. Along the way they end up doing some pretty crazy things. They're filming the whole thing themselves and doing it on a relatively low budget. My kind of travel show.

You can watch their trailers of their trips to Reykjavik and Philadelphia on their website, You can also read their blog and follow their journey, and then join me in waiting patiently for the full episodes!

It's fun to think about what I would have them do in my new city. Perhaps the Folsom Street Fair or the Alcatraz polar bear swim?

PS: Does anyone know how I can fix this picture so that it is centered rather than cut off of the right side? I'm still learning here.
PPS: That photo was taken in my beloved former home, Fort Knox in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Thomas now lives in my old room.

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